Westwood T1600H Garden Tractor

This superbly well-engineered garden tractor from deservedly acclaimed British manufacturers Westwood is crammed with premium features and will more than meet the needs of the most exacting homeowner. Power comes from a top-of-the-range 603cc Kawasaki engine, which, as you€™d expect from a twin-cylinder unit, is exceptionally smooth-running; quiet in operation; and cheap to run. A […]

Westwood T1800H Garden Tractor

Westwood have been designing and building lawn tractors in the UK for the past 35-years, and during that time they€™ve amassed a wealth of know-how to rival any garden-machinery manufacturer on the planet. The T1800H benefits from that accumulated knowledge, offering unrivalled build-quality, superb performance and a raft of very high-specification features. The Westwood T1800H […]

Westwood T25-4WD Garden Tractor

Westwood have been building garden tractors in Britain for the past 35-years and over that time they€™ve gained a world-wide reputation for the unwavering quality of their machines. The Westwood T25-4WD only serves to bolster that reputation, combining unbeatable build-quality with exceptional cutting-performance; unrivalled versatility; and manifold high-specification features. What really makes this top-of-the-range model […]

Westwood V23-50D Diesel Garden Tractor

Hand-built in Britain to the highest engineering standards and bristling with practical and convenient features; the refined Westwood V23-50D is the ultimate way for a homeowner to maintain a beautifully cut and neatly-striped lawn.Driving the blades, rear-wheels and power take-off is a 784cc Yanmar three-cylinder engine, which, unlike most domestic garden-tractor engines, runs on diesel […]

Westwood V25-50HE Garden Tractor

All of Westwood€™s British-built garden-tractors combine over 35-years of accumulated expertise with the latest technological advancements to produce a range of machines that are widely considered to be the finest of their type. This particular model is Westwood€™s ultimate tractor, with its impressive construction-quality; employment of precision-machined components; and unbeatable cutting-capability working to make it […]

Westwood S150H Mini Garden Tractor

All Westwood garden tractors benefit from years of accumulated knowledge and are packed with high-end features designed to make the life of the lawn enthusiast that much easier. As its name suggests, the S150H Mini is the most compact tractor in the range; its overall width of just 86cm making it possible to work on […]

Westwood T1600-4WD Garden Tractor

Hand-built in the UK to the most exacting standards possible, this truly impressive garden tractor from Westwood offers the sort of construction-quality, superior performance and outstanding versatility that are vital for those maintaining substantial grounds, both formal and informal. Key amongst many standout features is its revolutionary four-wheel-drive technology. Dubbed 4TRAC, this innovative differential system […]

Westwood 300 Litre Powered Grass Collector

The Westwood Powered Grass Collector connects-up to the tractor€™s power take-off. The PTO drives a series of rotating brushes that sweep-up grass-clippings and other unsightly lawn waste, depositing it into a very large-capacity collector (collector-capacity varies according to tractor-model). The brush-action combines with the fact that there€™s no discharge-chute to ensure thorough, blockage-free performance in […]

Westwood Powered Broadcast-Spreader (AV100A)

This PTO-powered broadcast-spreader from Westwood is suitable for the large-scale application of spread-media. Mounted at the rear of your Westwood garden-tractor, it can be used to apply weedkiller, sharp sand or fertiliser. In the winter-months it€™s ideal for grit, salt and prepared ice-melts. The flow-rate on the Westwood Powered Broadcast-Spreader can be adjusted to suit […]

Westwood Powered Scarifier

This tractor-mounted scarifier from Westwood is suitable for use with the British manufacturer€™s extensive range of garden tractors. Driven by the power take-off, it employs a series of rapidly rotating tines to delicately but thoroughly remove any moss or thatch that may have been inhibiting growth. When you€™ve finished scarifying, you can clear the resulting […]

Westwood S1500H Garden Tractor

Westwood have been at the vanguard of British garden-tractor production for over 35-years, so it€™s no real surprise that they€™re capable of producing machines of the quality of the S1500H. Ideal for areas of around one-and-a-half acres, it comes with a 92cm twin-bladed cutter deck that€™s as good a performer on rough-grass areas as it […]