Westwood V25-50HE Garden Tractor

Westwood V25-50HE Garden Tractor

All of Westwood€™s British-built garden-tractors combine over 35-years of accumulated expertise with the latest technological advancements to produce a range of machines that are widely considered to be the finest of their type. This particular model is Westwood€™s ultimate tractor, with its impressive construction-quality; employment of precision-machined components; and unbeatable cutting-capability working to make it the machine of choice for the most exacting domestic customers. The Westwood V25-50HE is characterised by its extra-wide 127cm Combi cutting-deck, which allows you to choose between rear-discharging or mulching cut grass. The Combi deck has been developed to mulch on a variety of surfaces, from thick, damp lawns; through to dry, scrubby areas. If you€™d prefer to collect grass-cuttings, you can combine the Combi deck with a Powered Grass-Collector (PGC). Running off the PTO, this unit uses a number of brushes to drive clippings from the lawn surface directly into the cavernous 390-litre collector. Unlike conventional tractors, there€™s no discharge-chute, so you can mow in damp weather without fear of clumping or blockages. The PGC couldn€™t be easier to empty €“ simply back-up to your compost heap, push a button, and the bag is lifted and the compacted contents dumped. Power for the V25-50HE is supplied by a premium-quality 726cc twin-cylinder engine from the world-leading Japanese manufacturers Kawasaki. The engine€™s twin-cylinder design ensures noise; vibration; and fuel-consumption are minimised. Giving you the choice of ten preset cutting-heights, ranging from 12mm at the lowest, through to 101mm at the highest, the Westwood V25-50HE Garden Tractor is flexible enough to cope with a wide variety of weather-conditions and grass-lengths. The deck is raised and lowered using a manual lever, but you can specify electric deck-lift if it€™s required. The V25-50HE is equipped with an Operating Performance Indicator; a very high-specification feature whereby performance data from the integrated computer is relayed to the drive via a dashboard display. This makes it simple to keep track of variables like engine-speed; fuel-level; and fuel-economy. The Westwood power take-off makes it possible to run any of Westwood€™s extensive range of powered accessories, including a broadcast-spreader; a chipper-shredder; and a scarifier. This ultra-versatile machine is also compatible with a 107cm High-Grass Mulching Deck, which is capable of clearing areas of dense weeds, tall nettles and established brush that would be too much for a handheld brushcutter. Other outstanding features include an infinitely-variable hydrostatic-transmission, which is controlled using a pair of foot-pedals for silky-smooth adjustment of the ground-speed; and an ergonomic driver€™s seat, which can be adjusted for leg-room, in turn ensuring the task can be finished in comfort. A heavy-duty steel front-bumper works to protect key components from any accidental bumps or scrapes; while a parking-brake ensures you can leave the tractor unattended without fear of it rolling away.

Price guide: £5295.00

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